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CIMS Hospital
Care Institute of Medical Sciences
Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060
Gujarat, INDIA

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Email: info@cims.org

CIMS Hospital, rated the best hospital in Ahmedabad has now been awarded as the best hospital in Gujarat for 2019 is a 350-bedded, multi-super speciality and regarded one of the best multi-speciality hospitals of Ahmedabad in Gujarat providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services.  CIMS Hospital has been awarded best hospital for quality in service delivery award at the ABP News presents Healthcare Leadership Awards 2015 held at Mumbai. CIMS Hospital has been recognized as the Times Health Icon 2018 for being the best Hospital for Oncology and Critical Care. CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad also was rated the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 which was an epic and monumental moment and event held in Delhi. CIMS Hospital provides world-class treatment and excellent healthcare services in India and an epic famous heart hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which has performed 9 successful heart transplant surgeries. CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad offers the highest quality services and offers the best treatment to most diseases and medical problems with one of the highest success rates in India. CIMS Hospital is amongst the best hospitals in India being ranked amongst the top 50 hospitals in India by Newsweek (USA) known for honest and ethical reviews for hospitals. CIMS hospital has both a COVID and NON-COVID center located at two separate building parts offering high quality safety and highest quality and the best treatment centres. 

Are you searching for the best hospital in India that patients trust and which also offers the best patient care in India?  Then you are on the right track, as CIMS Hospital is one of the most reputed epic hospitals in the stat eof Gujarat being conferred recently with the Trusted Healthcare Distinction Awards 2017, National Quality Excellence Awards, 2017 for Best Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Hospital. Delivering the highest standards of global healthcare, CIMS Hospital is accredited and re-accredited on renewal by JCI – Joint Commission International (USA), NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for providing quality healthcare and patient safety across India.

Spread across two spacious and state-of-the-art buildings viz. CIMS EAST AND CIMS WEST, CIMS Hospital offers a combination of the most experienced doctors, latest technology and excellent infrastructure ensuring world-class patient care and treatment.

CIMS Hospital has evolved into an epic hospital in Ahmedabad with a culture to deliver human and the best possible care with compassionate to its patients.

CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad has got some amazing lifesaving results with the help of its expert and one of the best teams of experienced clinicians. CIMS Hospital in Gujarat offer the best treatment services in Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Critical Care, Oncology, Trauma, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Gastrosciences, Nephrology,  Urology,  Neonatology, etc in Ahmedabad.  Epic and global patient reviews and testimonials on the internet suggest that we, CIMS Hospital is the best hospital in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. CIMS Hospital is also patient rated the best hospital in India base on its online reviews being the highest across the country.


Unique Features at CIMS Hospital

  • First digitized operation theatres and ICUs at CIMS Hospital in Gujarat.
  • Gujarat’s First ECMO facility at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad.
  • Latest Cancer Radiation machines at CIMS Hospital in Gujarat.
  • Latest Radiology- MRI and CT scans at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad.
  • First 12 Heart Transplants in Gujarat were all successfully completed at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad.
  • Gujarat’s First certified GREEN Operation Theaters: certifying for safe practices and environment-friendly features such as low emission of carbon dioxide, infra-red rays and radiation within permissible limits also at CIMS Hospital in India.
  • One of the most epic and advanced ultra-modular and fully monitored emergency & trauma facility at CIMS Hospital in India.
  • CIMS Hospital in Gujarat has established the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant program.
  • CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad has set up its own Blood Bank within the premises of the hospital to facilitate smoother services for all patients.
  • CIMS Hospital in India is accredited by the best medical certification experts – NABH, NABL and JCI.
  • Gujarat’s first heart transplant was successfully completed at CIMS Hospital. CIMS Hospital boasts  of the reputation as one of the best cardiac and heart hospitals in Ahmedabad and India. CIMS Hospital continues to be the preferred heart transplant centre in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

4Cs – Care, Courtesy, Compassion, and Competency

The motto at CIMS Hospital of Patient First Always is the backbone of firm commitment to deliver the best and safest care to our patients.

Patient First

If you have not had a look yet, please do visit Google Reviews for CIMS Hospital and do check out the Just Dial Reviews for CIMS Hospital to help build your confidence about the hospital as one of the best hospitals in Ahmedabad. CIMS Hospital in India also boasts of one of the most active social media platforms for any hospital in India, with multiple activity streams on a daily basis. Our Epic Hospital has a digital presence that ensures your first impression of CIMS Hospital is a modern and technology-driven hospital added with empathy, ethics and the best doctors in India who are ready to serve and treat you with the best possible care.

Make CIMS Hospital in Gujarat your first and only medical and health destination and let our expert doctors prove why the patients around the world rate CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad as the best hospital in India.

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CIMS Hospital was the Medical Partner in the Race for 7 marathon at Bopal, Ahmedabad . Race for 7 itself is a large-scale countrywide Awareness Campaign brought about by the Organization for Rare Disease India (ORDI). CIMS Hospital was proud to be the medical partner...

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CIMS Hospital believes that a healthier work force makes an efficient work environment.  Health Check-up camp at Dena Bank Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

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Good Health

સ્તન કેન્સર

પ્રસ્તાવના ભારત માં શહેર માં રહેતી સ્ત્રીઓ માં જોવા મળતું સૌથી વધુ  થતું  કેન્સર છે  સ્તન  કેન્સર.  કમનસીબે,  આ  કેન્સર  ના  કારણે  થયેલ  બધી  જ મૃત્યુઓ માં મૃત્યુ નું સૌથી સામાન્ય કારણ છે. પશ્ચિમી સાહિત્ય...

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કેન્સર- વહેલું નિદાન : નિષ્ણાત પાસે સારવાર સચોટ પરિણામ

વિશ્વમાં  દર વર્ષે ૧ કરોડ ૮૦ લાખ કેન્સરના નવા  કેસનું નિદાન  થાય  છે, અને ૯૬ લાખ દર્દીઓ કેન્સરથી મૃત્યું પામે છે. ઈન્ટરનેશનલ  એજન્સી  ફોર  કેન્સર  રીસર્ચ   (IARC)  પ્રમાણે  દર  પાંચ પુરૂષમાંથી ...

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