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Marengo CIMS Hospital
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Gujarat, INDIA

24x7 Helpline +91 70 69 00 00 00
Phone: 079 4805 1200 or 1008
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Fax: +91 79 2771 2770
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Ambulance: +91 98244 50000
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Registered Address:
CIMS Hospital Private Limited
Plot No.67/1, Opp. Panchamrut Bungalows,
Nr. Shukan Mall, Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060

CIN No: U85110GJ2001PTC039962

Here you can find more information for both patients and visitors.

The admission process at Marengo CIMS Hospital is planned to make the patient and his family’s task easy and hassle-free.

Marengo CIMS  Hospital is open to take Admission for  patient medical management . 

All Patients / Relatives needs to wear MASK during Hospital stay .

Below is the basic process of admission which will be followed at all times:

  • Patient will be admitted to the hospital through Flu Corner.  After screening, patient will be guided to Admission Department for further process.
  • Medical and Surgical Admission have to complete screening test before Admission . 
  • In case of an emergency, the Emergency Medical Officer will coordinate with the doctor for admission.
  • Please bring the letter of admission from consultant doctor, to make our task quicker and easier.
  • Patient Identification proof is mandatory document to carry at the of Admission . 
  • Patient will be asked to fill in the admission form and complete certain formalities.
  • Admission Desk will counsel regarding various packages, estimated cost of treatment, expected length of stay and other facility during hospitalization.
  • Booking for Single and Suite Room can done in advance ( Based on availability of rooms ) 
  • Patient might be asked to pay a certain deposit, before admission, as per Marengo CIMS Hospital rules and regulations. Only cash, credit/debit card of major banks are accepted.You can also pay through (DD/RTGS/NEFT)
  • Please contact Admission Department for more detail :  +91 79 40851080 /1077  


Effective March 10, 2020

The health and safety of our patients and visitors is a top priority at Marengo CIMS Hospital.

We appreciate the importance of the support of loved ones and families during medical treatments.

However, in view of a Health Alert sounded due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we regretfully have to amend our Visitor Policy for safety of patients and visitors.

All Visiting Hours are suspended with immediate effect till further notice.

We anticipate fullest co-operation from all patient, their families and visitors.

Patient caregiver/companion passes will be issued per patient as per our Hospital Policy.

We thank all in understanding and helping us to adhere to strict infection control in these times.



  1. Entry into Marengo CIMS Hospital will be only through Ground Floor at the drop off point between Marengo CIMS Hospital East and West.
  2. All Staff, Visitors, Consultants, and Patients will not be permitted entry into the Hospital without screening.

We request all to co-operate with Security for Screening. 



For OPD:

  1. Only one relative will be allowed to accompany the patient.
  2. In case the patient is in a wheelchair, 2 relatives will be allowed to accompany the patient. 

 For Admitted  Patient : 

Patient companion passes will be distributed as per the following admission class:

  • General/Twin Class Rooms: One patient companion pass will be issued.
  • Single / Suite Class Rooms: Two patient companion pass will be issued.
  • No patient relative will be allowed in the critical area of the Hospital.

We request you all to help us implement all these restrictions. Your co-operation is vital to help us handle this health crisis.


Marengo CIMS Hospital Emergency Department is very well-equipped to handle all kinds of medical emergencies, round-the-clock.

The Emergency is manned by a skilled and dedicated team of doctors and nursing staff.We have a special Emergency Operation Theatre to handle any immediate surgical needs.

In case of an emergency call +91 97 2345 0000. Two hi-tech Ambulances staffed with skilled Medical & Paramedical persons (ICU on wheels) are available to transport the patient to and fro from the hospital.

Please call on (+91) 98244 50000 for Ambulance services.

Patient Rights Patient Responsibility
Accessibility and Availability
  • To be provided with appropriate and professional healthcare regardless of your caste, color, religion, gender, nationality, culture, language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or disability
  • To be provided care at the time of emergency
  • To access your clinical records
  • To be given treatment in a safe environment and receive emotional support which may include minimal separation from your family within the limits of medical care provided
  • To follow the treatment plan advised by your care provider
  • To provide contact details of at least one relative who can be approached in case of emergency
Pain Management
  • Assessment and reassessment of pain
  • Information about pain and pain relief measures
  • Quick response to report of pain
  • Dedicated pain relief specialists
  • Ask the doctor of nurse what to expect regarding pain and pain management
  • Discuss pain relief options with the doctors and nurses
  • Work with the doctor and nurse to develop a pain management plan
  • Ask for pain relief when pain first begins
  • Help the doctor and nurse assess the pain
  • Tell the doctor or nurse if the pain is not relieved
  • Tell the doctor or nurse about any worries regarding taking pain medication
Information Exchange
  • To be entitled to information about your medical condition, treatment, possible results in a language that you understand (where possible) so as to make informed decisions
  • To know about plan of care
  • To avail information about the possible risks, side effects and alternative methods of treatment
  • To know the names of the healthcare professionals responsible for your treatment and care and to know any additional professional information regarding care provider
  • To take decision regarding what information is to be provided to the family
  • Patient can seek second opinion and hospital will facilitate the same
  • To provide accurate and complete information about your present medical condition including any past illnesses, hospitalization, medications and other relevant details in order to receive appropriate and safe medical treatment
  • To provide correct demographic and general information
  • To give correct details regarding any past illnesses
  • To provide information about any known allergy
  • To give honest update on health status during course of treatment
Involvement in Decision Making
  • To knowledgeably make decisions regarding your medical care and receive information about any proposed treatment or procedure in order to give informed consent or to refuse care, treatment and services
  • To make informed decisions about your care after being advised of material risks, benefits and alternatives
  • To have your family or representative involved in care, treatment and service decisions
  • To appoint someone legally to make decisions on your behalf if unable to do so
  • To understand that any discontinuation in treatment advised by your care provider or leaving against medical advice would be at your own risk
Respect, Dignity and Consideration
  • To receive respect for religious beliefs and values without affecting treatment, other patients and in accordance with the hospital policy
  • To receive assessment and management when patient is dying
  • To have your wishes followed concerning organ donation
  • To have access to spiritual services
  • To be free from all forms of abuse or harassment
  • To behave in a polite and respectful manner to other patients, hospital staff and doctors
Personal and Information Privacy & Confidentiality
  • To be provided with suitable privacy for undergoing examination, certain procedures and treatment and transportation
  • To be provided with suitable privacy whenever demanded by the patient/family
  • To keep confidentiality and privacy of your medical and non-medical information and all aspects of care rendered
  • To understand that though the confidentiality of records will be maintained, authorized statutory bodies, insurance companies or your payer would be allowed to view your records
Treatment Cost
  • To be entitled to financial counseling and an estimate of your hospital bill at the time of your admission
  • To get information of day to day bills in accordance with the hospital policy
  • To get detailed bill at the time of discharge
  • To provide TPA/Insurance details at the time of admission
  • To know day to day billing and to make timely payments
  • To make deposit as per hospital policy
Concerns and feedback
  • To register complaint and receive information on your complaint processing
  • To provide your valuable feedback and suggestions
  • To be protected from abuse, neglect, assault, harassment, unnecessary use of restraint, manhandling and other similar instances
  • To safeguard patient’s belongings in case of emergency patients and those patients unable to make decisions regarding their possessions
  • To take care of your valuables and belongings
  • Not to damage hospital property and to comply with hospital policies (e.g. no smoking, no tobacco chewing, no spitting, maintaining silence, etc.)
  • To give consent of refuse medical care or recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law
  • To be informed about any research activity and to refuse to be a part of the study
  • To report whether you clearly understand the instructions given by your care provider
  • To ask for additional information or clarification if you do not understand any instructions
We are an organisation committed to quality. and safety

If you have any concerns related to patient safety and quality of care, please follow the link https://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/contact-us/report-a-quality-and-safety-issue/ or please submit complaints on email – jciquality@jcrinc.com.

Marengo CIMS Hospital was awarded being the best hospital in Gujarat for 2019 by the International Health Care Awards.

Marengo CIMS Hospital is a 350-bedded, multi-super speciality and regarded one of the best multi-speciality hospitals of Ahmedabad in Gujarat providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services.

Marengo CIMS Hospital has been awarded best hospital for quality in service delivery award at the ABP News presents Healthcare Leadership Awards 2015 held at Mumbai.

Marengo CIMS Hospital has been recognized as the Times Health Icon 2018 for being the best Hospital for Oncology and Critical Care. Marengo CIMS Hospital also was rated the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi.

Marengo CIMS Hospital provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in India and the leading heart hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Marengo CIMS Hospital offers the highest quality services and offers treatment to most diseases and medical problems with one of the highest success rates in India.

Marengo CIMS Hospital
Plot No. 67/1, Opp. Panchamrut Bunglows,
Near Shukan Mal, Off. Science City Road,
Sola, Ahmedabad - 380060

Toll Free Number : 1800 309 9999
Medical Helpline +91 70 69 00 00 00
Phone: 079 4805 1200 or 1008
+91 79 2771 2771 or 72
Fax: +91 79 2771 2770
Mobile: +91 98250 66664 or +91 98250 66668
Ambulance: +91 98244 50000
Email: info@cims.org | opd.rec@marengoasia.com

Registered Address:
CIMS Hospital Private Limited
Plot No.67/1, Opp. Panchamrut Bungalows,
Nr. Shukan Mall, Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060

CIN No: U85110GJ2001PTC039962