Marengo CIMS Hospital is one of the best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad and Among the most prominent Cancer Hospitals in Gujarat. MARENGO CIMS CANCER CENTER is the expert in cancer care ! If you have to find the best hospital for cancer care your first and last choice will be Marengo CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in India. About three million patients suffer from this disease, with a million new cases being reported every year. The disease is expected to rise five-fold by 2025. However the field of Oncology i.e. the specialty which treats cancer patients is neither developed completely nor uniformly in view of geographic distribution of cancer burden in India. The cancer centers are mostly limited to Tier-1 cities & are now slowly developing across Tier – 2 cities. Rural India still has to rely on regional cancer centers & the government hospitals; where the infrastructure is limited and where it is made available, the expert specialists are not available. There are always skewed doctor – patient ratio because of which quality of care is compromised. 

To meet the need of the hour, Marengo CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad has come up with MARENGO CIMS CANCER CENTER HOSPITAL a comprehensive and perhaps India’s best cancer care facility equipped with state of the art facilities under one roof and with a vision to provide world class quality care to patients of western India. Cancer care requires a multidisciplinary holistic approach, where treatment is not only limited to surgical, radiation and medical oncology but also mind-body support, psychotheraphy and to treat all manifestation of disease.

The Marengo CIMS Cancer Center hospital in Ahmedabad took the mission of providing all facilities under one roof and succeeded in establishing it in record time span. Marengo CIMS Cancer Center hospital in Ahmedabad houses most of the multidisciplinary teams to treat cancer patients. Its emphasis is on seamless interdisciplinary collaboration, making us “better together.” At Marengo CIMS Hospital cancer center its “The care that never quits”.

Surgical Oncology

One of the 3 pillars in cancer care is surgical oncology. Surgery is usually the primary method of treatment of most isolated solid cancers. It also plays a role in reaching a definitive diagnosis and staging the tumor. Every patient referred to Marengo CIMS Hospital CANCER CENTRE for surgery benefits from the expertise of our surgeons coupled with our multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care, and access to world class facilities. We view postsurgical rehabilitation as an integral part of cancer care. It is available both on an inpatient and outpatient basis for individuals at various stages of cancer treatment. This service includes physiotherapy, respiratory therapy and psychotherapy, mind body therapy (meditation) etc.

Surgical oncologist team at Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer Center is the most experienced team of Ahmedabad and collectively having experience of about 30 years. We have best state of art operation theaters will full and latest armamentarium. We have certified, fully digital Green OTs & dedicated OT’s for complex cancer surgeries.

Marengo CIMS Cancer Hopital is recommended by cancer patients as the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad and one of the best cancer hospitals in India as per actual internet rankings on Facebook, Google Reviews, Just Dial and many more top review and rating web sites. We continue to thank our patients and guests for the excellent ratings and promise to continue to provide the best cancer treatment across India.

State of the Art – Radiotherapy Center

One of the three pillars in the treatment of cancer is Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy involves the use of ionizing radiation in an attempt to either cure or improve the symptoms of cancer. With the dream of providing world class treatment facility to our patients, the Marengo CIMS Cancer Center has procured one of the best linear Accelerator to treat patients with external radiation therapy. Marengo CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad through the Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer Center is the first hospital in India to commission the latest model of Linear Accelerator. Marengo CIMS Hospital is the first hospital in India and also Asia to have Versa HD, from Elekta. Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer uses Versa HD to give clinicians the flexibility to deliver conventional therapies to treat a wide range of tumors throughout the body, while also enabling treatment of highly complex cancers that require extreme targeting precision.

Uniqueness of Versa HD Linear Accelerator

  • Agility 160-leaf multileaf collimator (MLC) provides highly conformal beam shaping – a critical requirement for maximizing the dose to the target while also preserving surrounding healthy tissues.
  • APEX DMLC-High definition 2.5mm leaf width for brain tumor.
  • Ultra-fast leaf speeds facilitates 3 times higher dose delivery rate than any other normal Linac dose rate enabling even greater capabilities for sophisticated therapies, including stereotactic radio surgery (SRS), stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT).
  • Hexapod-6 dimensional motion correction by robotic couch. Minimizes the treatment setup error by correcting 3 rotational & 3 transverse motions during the treatment.
  • Active Breathing Coordinator™ System – Exactly tracks the position of moving target like lung tumor because of breathing motion & reduces the dose of normal tissue.
  • 4D SYMMETRY – Provides acquisition and in line reconstruction of 4D volumetric data, utilizing unique patented technology for sorting each projection image into a phase based bin.

Services Available

  1. External radiotherapy
    • 3D-CRT -3 dimensional conformal radiotherapy: Delivers conventional Radiation therapy.
    • IMRT-Intensity modulated radiotherapy: Creates intensity modulated treatment plan by using variable dose rate, MLC speed & fixed gantry angle during treatment.
    • IGRT-Image guided Radiotherapy: It takes use of X-ray volume Imaging (XVI) of patient before treatment execution for verification of treatment position.
    • VMAT-Volumetric Arc Therapy: Delivers Treatment plan by using variable dose rate, MLC speed with continuous motion of Gantry with variable speed.
    • SBRT-Stereotactic body radiotherapy: Helps to deliver treatment with high dose rate for small size tumor in body to give very high dose with high precision in few fractions.
    • SRT-Stereotactic Radiotherapy: Helps to deliver treatment with high dose rate for small size tumor in brain to give very high dose with high precision in few fractions.
    • SRS- Stereotactic Radio surgery: Helps to deliver blood less treatment with high dose rate for small size tumor in brain to give very high dose with high precision in single fraction.
  2. Brachytherapy

Department of Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the second pillar in Cancer Treatment. It involves treating a patient medically with one or more cytotoxic anti-neoplastic drugs as part of a standardized regimen the department of Medical Oncology at Marengo CIMS Hospital and CIMS Cancer Center has specialist consultants with interest in the management of solid tumors as well as pediatric cancers. The medical oncology team has expertise in the use of systemic treatment including chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, as well as the latest biological and targeted treatments for solid tumors. A fully equipped chemotherapy daycare ward will ensure a supportive and compassionate environment during the patient’s short stay in the hospital whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment without the need for inpatient admissions. In just a short span, Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer Center is recommended by cancer patients as the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad let alone Gujarat. Patients from all over the world travel to
Marengo CIMS Hospital and CIMS Cancer Center in Ahmedabad for their treatments.

Comfortable and efficient Care facilities

  • Outpatient practice suites, for all initial and follow-up medical examinations and consultations.
  • A day care area for treatment or observation, equipped with multimedia entertainment, wireless Internet access, and comfortable seating for accompanying family members.
  • State of art operation theaters & Inpatient care units.

Palliative & Rehabilitation Services

Cancer patient requires ‘CARE’ not just the ‘Treatment’. Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer aims to provide a totally holistic support to patients afflicted with cancer; be it social, psychological or emotional support.

Ancillary care comprises significant importance in the cancer care rehabilitation and at CIMS Cancer Center we have the following facilities:

  • Stoma Care services
  • Pain Management
  • Dermatologic Health During & After Treatment
  • Psychological Care including patient & family counseling, cognitive testing, sexual health and fertility and tobacco cessation programme
  • Nutritional & Diet Counseling
  • Physiotherapy & Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Speech & hearing rehabilitation
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Oral & Para-oral Prosthesis, Orthosis & rehabilitation
  • Lymph-edema therapy

Cancer Screening

It is a proven fact that if we increase early presentation and diagnosis of cancer, more lives will be saved. Hence is our duty & social corporate responsibility not only to treat the Cancer but also to spread awareness about cancer in the society. Early detection can make huge difference in the treatment and it also reflects in improved outcome of treatment, survival & increase chances of cure. The screening programs & risk assessment tools are an integral part of the Marengo CIMS Hospital CANCER CARE.

Ancillary Support

Today, CANCER is not an ugly word anymore. Cancer is treatable if detected early. However, a patient on hearing the word cancer undergoes a great deal of emotional stress and pressure. To counteract the negative mental impact, Marengo CIMS Hospital offers a wide array of services to help you heal and deal with your treatment positively.

Meditation & Yoga : Meditation is soothing and helps relax the body and calm the mind and is known to be a great healer in dealing with ongoing cancer treatment. While it’s not a cure for cancer, yoga enhances physical and emotional wellness—and brings peace to the mind. At Marengo CIMs Hospital, we provide free meditation & yoga sessions by a certified instructor, once every week.

Art Therapy : Art therapy is used to help people manage physical and emotional problems by using creative activities to express their emotions. It provides a way for people to come to terms with emotional conflicts, increase self-awareness, and express unspoken and often subconscious concerns about their illness and their lives. Marengo CIMS Hospital offers free art therapy sessions to patients to deal with their stress.

Music Therapy : Many people find listening to music relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable. For cancer patients, it also can be a way to cope with some of the symptoms of their disease and side effects of their treatment. New research supports listening to recorded music, as well as music therapy, to improve anxiety, pain, mood, quality of life, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure in cancer patients. We provide certified music therapist upon request.

Nutritional Counseling : The maintenance of good nutritional status during initial treatments for cancer is generally recommended to increase the likelihood of successful completion of prescribed therapies, and to improve quality of life during and after that phase of care. At Marengo CIMS Hospital a dedicated cancer care nutritionist helps you guide in the best possible way to attain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Medical Social Worker : Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer Center provides a certified Medical Social Worker who provides assistance to patients as well as their families to cope with the diagnosis of cancer and all along the disease continuum teach them relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety, facilitate patient to patient support programme; help individuals improve quality of life and above all listen to the patients with compassion and empathy.

Transportation & Stay : One of the burdens of the family seeking cancer treatment is stay and transport during treatment time. We help patients seeking stay near by the hospital by providing accommodation options & also provide free local transport facilities from home to hospital while patient is on Radiation treatment.

Patient Recreation : Along with comfortable ambiance, we provide recreational facilities such as Mini Library, Indoor games, Child Play Toys, I-pads & DVD with Screens and Massage Chairs

H2H (Hospital to Home) Service : This is an established service of Marengo CIMS hospital; now we are extending it in Cancer care facilities. Patient will get home visit after treatment completion by our trained doctors and nurses.

Marengo CIMS Hospital Khambatta Linac Canter

A collaboration between Marengo CIMS Hospital Cancer Centre and Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust, the Marengo CIMS Hospital Khambatta Linac Centre is an initiative to offer subsidised cancer radiation treatment to the less affording patients.

Housing the latest technology, the machine is one the latest in the world to provide accurate dosage through integrated digital control.

Treating approximately 75 Patients a day, the project is a manifestation of the Hospital commitement to provide health care across all spectrum of societies.

  • Advanced Radio Therapy Machine imported from Sweden
  • Accurate dose delivery through integrated digital control
  • Choice of high quality imaging modalities
  • Integrated solution to ensure fast patient throughout
  • Largest IGRT field of view, 5.X26 cm for soft tissue visualization
  • 45 cm isocenter clearance for maximum flexibility in treatment techniques


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