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CIMS Hospital
Care Institute of Medical Sciences
Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060
Gujarat, INDIA

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CIMS Hospital provides the best dental care in Ahmedabad and western India for families in a comfortable, modern and relaxed environment using the best and latest techniques and modern dental instruments.

CIMS Hospital’s Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad boasts of a state of the art equipped dental area will provide high quality, clean, and comprehensive dental care at affordable rates.Dental treatment has been revolutionized in recent times in terms of patient comfort(painless) , less operational time, minimum sittings with special emphasis on highest standards of asepsis to eliminate cross infections. CIMS Hospital’s dental clinic in Ahmedabad is rated the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and perhaps India too. Unlike the traditional clinic, CIMS Hospital provides great patient services which ensure that half the fears of the patient go upon entering and the rest once they meet the dentists.

CIMS dental clinic specialize in treatments like dental implant, dental surgery, root canal treatment at affordable cost. CIMS Dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India with the latest technology, instruments and highest patient satisfaction in India. CIMS offers the best implant center across India, through its Dental Clinic. Dental Surgery by Dental Specialists, ensures that all your dental requirements are taken care of through excellent patient care and treatment. Our dentists are experts in implants and our implantoligists are rated the best in India. CIMS Dental Clinic is therefore rated the best dental clinic and implant center in Ahmedabad as well as the foremost in western India. The best available technology and techniques are used by qualified dentists to ensure patients get great painless treatments.


  • 3 Dental chair set up: separate area specially designed for the extra comfort, care with high end facilities and privacy.
  • We follow strict sterilization protocols.
  • We ensure our patient’s safety first. We have central sterile supply department which guarantees perfect sterility.
  • We have two x-ray machines and 2 RVG.
  • Intra oral cameras are used to show pictures of each and every tooth which help our patient understand the treatment plan with more clarity.
  • We are an NABH accreditated institute. We have best implant kits, physiodispenser and total instrumentation for sinus lift procedures.
  • For endodontic procedure (Root canal treatments) we have very sophisticated rotary motors with Apex locator which makes treatment painless more accurate and in minimal sittings.
  • For teeth whitening procedures, we have a bleaching light to enhance your whitening experience.
  • Ultrasonic scalers.
  • Best software for patient data maintenance.

Our Area of Expertise

  • Cardiac Dentistry
  • Dentistry for Cancer Patients
  • Implants
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry

Other Services

  • Root Canal treatment
  • Fillings
  • Prosthodontics
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Pedodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Maxillofacial Surgery

Our practice is dedicated in providing you with all types of dental treatments

Dentistry for cardiac patients:

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry

Special care should be taken for patients who has cardiac disease and needs dental treatment. We do all dental treatment safely for cardiac patients.
We excel in providing dental treatment to patients with serious cardiac disease like:

  • Valvular heart disease (with ACC/AHA Guidelines).
  • Cardiac failure or heart attacks.
  • Arrhythmias or implanted pacemaker
  • Implanted Coronary stents and on antiplatelet/anticoagulant treatment

Dentistry for cancer patients:
All cancer patients need dental examination before, during and after cancer management.

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry
  • We emphasize on dental examination of all cancer patients prior to chemotherapy, oncosurgery and radiotherapy to reduce risk of cancer treatment related side effects.
  • Replacement of missing teeth or part of jaw and rehabilitates patients.
  • Radiation stents for reduction of radiation exposure.
  • We have specialist who has pursued his masters in rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.
  • We prepare different types of prosthesis for
    1. Hemi-mandibulectomy – Guide plane
    2. Hemi-maxillectomy – Immediate/Interim/Definitive obturator
    3. External prosthesis : e.g. eye, ear, nose etc
  • Planning of such prosthesis is done before surgery so patient is more benefitted.

 Dental Implants:

CIMS Dentistry

    • Dental implants are the best and ultimate option for all types of missing teeth (single/multiple/all)
    • Placement of implant is a very simple and highly specialized procedure carried out under local anesthesia. After a minimum of three months healing the replacement tooth is attached on top.
    • Implants are not expensive but cost effective than conventional treatment like bridges and denture. This is life time solution as implants will stay in your jaw forever. You will get artificial teeth that look, feel and work like your own natural teeth.
    • We have best technology and instruments for implants like kit for different systems, physio-dispenser sinus lift kit etc.
    • If bone is less even then we can manage placing implants with specialized techniques.
    • One should not neglect missing teeth in their mouth as it creates new problems like
      CIMS Dentistry
      1. They break your confidence and self-esteem if they are front teeth.
      2. They create chewing problems if they are molars (back teeth).
      3. When tooth is missing, adjacent teeth starts migrating towards that gap and the migrating teeth become loose and create problems in bite which in turn causes jaw pain, headache, fast wearing of remaining teeth.
      4. Missing teeth creates gum disease and poor oral hygiene as food gets trapped between the gap.
    • At CIMS, we improve the quality of life with DENTAL IMPLANTS
      1. Improved aesthetic
      2. Preserved facial structure
      3. Improved chewing function and confidence
      4. Improved dental hygiene
      5. Replacement of a whole missing tooth (root)
      6. Avoiding the need to prepare adjacent teeth, since a conventional bridge is not used


Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

    • Full mouth rehabilitation has changed the smile and confidence of so many of our patients which involves correction of every tooth in both jaws.

CIMS Dentistry

    • Full mouth restoration is a good option for people whose teeth are excessively worn down, damaged, missing or for people who have problems with their Temporo-Mandibular Joint (jaw joint). Worn or damaged teeth are more than just unattractive; they can cause difficulty in chewing, poor nutrition, gastrointestinal upset; Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) problems, headaches, pain and facial collapse.
    • Treatment includes combination of multiple treatments like crowns and bridges, implants, various fillings and endodontic procedures etc.
    • Treatment is done in four to six visits and special instruments like semi adjustable articulators and face bow are used for proper bite correction.


Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry:

    • All human desires are in some way related to beauty,
      1. We can enhance each and every smile with latest technology in cosmetic dentistry.Creating a better smile involves proper smile designing and its related treatments.
    • Various treatments include:
      CIMS Dentistry
      1. Recontouring of teeth and gums.
      2. Filling of decayed and discolored teeth.
      3. Whitening, correction of overlapping or crooked teeth.
      4. Closing gaps between any of your front teeth.
      5. Correction of uneven shapes due to chips, fractures or rough edges.
      6. Placing veneers to change alignment, shape, color and texture.
    • For a perfect aesthetic outcome proper planning and combination of one or more treatments are needed.

A new smile will help make a great impression – both personally & professionally.

Root Canal Treatment(RCT):

RCT is the treatment to treat any tooth upto root level and save any tooth forever.

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry
  • RCT is needed when nerve/pulp of your tooth is infected through decay or injury.
  • If root canal treatment is not carried out, the infection will spread and your tooth may need to be taken out.
  • Treatment involves removal of all infection from root canal by cleaning and shaping followed by filling of canals.
  • After completion of RCT it is compulsory to protect that tooth with crown otherwise it may fracture in future.
  • It can be done in single sitting or multiple sittings depending on kind of infection.
  • We do root canal treatment with advanced most rotary instrument with apex locator. Because of this technology RCT is totally painless, minimal sittings are required and results are more accurate.


White Filling:
Filling replaces a part of the tooth that has been lost due to decay or accidental damage.
CIMS DentistryThe white filling material matches the color of your tooth. The aim is to make it almost impossible to tell that a filling has been placed.

It is very durable because it bonds very well with the teeth. It does not even have toxic effects of conventional silver fillings.


    • Crown and Bridges :

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth.

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry

Leaving gaps in the mouth can cause adjacent teeth to migrate and which causes bite problems. Chewing becomes difficult and food gets packed into the gap leading to both decay and gum disease.

Bridge fixes missing tooth/teeth by taking support from the neighboring teeth. If you don’t want a bridge other alternatives are dentures and implants.

Best option for replacing any tooth is implants.

    • Dentures:
      Dentures are customized removable plate with number of false teeth on it. They are supposed to be removed at night.
      They are removable prosthesis.
        • Partial Denture:

      CIMS Dentistry
      When few teeth are missing they can be replaced by a partial denture which is supported by the remaining healthy natural teeth and by the underlying gums and jawbone. Options available are flexible, cast partial denture.

      • Complete Denture:
        CIMS Dentistry
        1. When all the teeth are missing complete denture is used to restore appearance and chewing function.
        2. The stability of denture depends on the remaining jawbone and gum tissues for support.
        3. Generally final dentures are prepared after 3 months of extraction of teeth.
        4. If patient is not comfortable without teeth then we can prepare immediate denture as well which can later be relined and rebased.

Gum Disease / Periodontics:

    • Gum disease includes disease of gums and tissues supporting your teeth.
    • It is caused by plaque and tartar which builds up on your teeth every day.
CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry
    • The first stage is called gingivitis in which gums are swollen and it may bleed, when you brush your teeth.
    • Its second & advanced stage is called periodontitis in which bleeding is very common gums may feel sore and the first sign is “bad breath”. The bone anchoring tooth is lost and your teeth may become loose.
    • Gum disease is generally not painful so you fail to notice the damage it is causing.
    • Treatment includes cleaning of your teeth, education for proper brushing technique, use of mouthwash & gum massage & proper maintenance of oral hygiene.
    • For advanced cases, we have specialists called periodontist who does flap surgery, root planning, bone grafting, GBR, etc.

Maxillofacial Surgery:
Extraction of teeth means removal of any tooth. Proper asepsis precautions are taken during and after procedures.

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry

Wisdom tooth problem:

CIMS Dentistry

  • Wisdom teeth are called third molars which develop during late teens. When it is impacted (misaligned), then removal is necessary. Minor surgical procedure is required for that.
  • Jaw fractures and trauma
  • TMJ problems
  • Cysts
  • Apicoectomy etc.


    • Orthodontic treatment involves straightening or moving teeth.
Orthodentics before CIMS Dentistry Orthodentics after
    • Properly aligned teeth has advantages like
      1. Gives very good appearance
      2. Easy to brush so chances for decay and gum disease is decreased
      3. Improves your bite and biting pressure which increases prognosis of teeth
      4. Reduces TMJ (joint) problems
    • Age is less important than having the proper number of teeth. So adults of any age can have orthodontic treatment. For young children, it may be necessary to wait for enough adult teeth to come through before starting treatment.
    • Our specialist orthodontist offers all range of braces including traditional stainless steel braces, ceramic (clear) braces, lingual braces (these sit behind your teeth so are invisible) in addition to clear removable aligners (Invisalign).
    • Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere between few months to two years, depending on how complicated the treatment is. Most simple cases can be treated in a few months and more complex cases often take a year and a half on average.
    • Braces in themselves do not damage teeth. Poor cleaning and too many sugary drinks and snacks can cause more plaque to build up around your teeth. We recommend three monthly visits for scaling or cleaning during active orthodontic treatment.

Preventive Dentistry:

CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry
  • Prophylaxis to prevent dental problems
  • Achievements of good oral hygiene and its maintenance
  • Dental Education

Pediatric Dentistry:

    • Pediatric dentistry is an area of specialization that focuses on the treatment of children from birth to adolescence.
CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry CIMS Dentistry
    • We provide a wide range of dental services for children. Children can get cavities as soon as they start growing their teeth. CIMS Dentistry recommends children should visit the dentist when first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday.
    • We have a specialist called pedodontist for child dentistry.
    • We also do procedures under general anaesthesia on dental chair only for children like physically,mentally and medically compromised children.
    • Services
      1. Pit and fissure sealants
      2. Fillings for decayed teeth
      3. Root canal treatment
      4. Crown/cap for primary and permanent teeth
      5. Dental trauma due to fall injury/sports

CIMS Hospital was awarded being the best hospital in Gujarat for 2019 by the International Health Care Awards.

CIMS Hospital is a 350-bedded, multi-super speciality and regarded one of the best multi-speciality hospitals of Ahmedabad in Gujarat providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services.

CIMS Hospital has been awarded best hospital for quality in service delivery award at the ABP News presents Healthcare Leadership Awards 2015 held at Mumbai.

CIMS Hospital has been recognized as the Times Health Icon 2018 for being the best Hospital for Oncology and Critical Care. CIMS Hospital also was rated the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi.

CIMS Hospital provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in India and the leading heart hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. CIMS Hospital offers the highest quality services and offers treatment to most diseases and medical problems with one of the highest success rates in India.

CIMS Hospital
Care Institute of Medical Sciences
Off Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380060
Gujarat, INDIA

24x7 Helpline +91 70 69 00 00 00
Phone: 079 4805 1200 or 1008
+91 79 2771 2771 or 72 
Fax: +91 79 2771 2770
Mobile: +91 98250 66664 or +91 98250 66668
Ambulance: +91 98244 50000
Email: info@cims.org





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