“We deliver care, precision and knowledge for your safety, well-being and confidence”.

With this motto, serves the largest department of Marengo CIMS Hospital- Department of Anaesthesiology.

Marengo CIMS Hospital has the best anaesthesiologists in Ahmedabad Gujarat, to supervise over 12000 anaesthesia cases annually by highly skilled and qualified team of Anaesthesiologist with the help of trained nurse anaesthetists for a wide range of surgical procedures, intensive care and pain management. We have the best operation theatres equipped with best in class Anaesthesia Workstations, best configured multipara cardiac monitors, advanced monitoring systems like BIS, NIRS, EV 1000, VIGILEO, VIGILANCE etc., Ultrasound Machines and Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE). All the operation theatres are equipped to deal with any life-threatening emergencies.

Gujarat’s first “GREEN OT CERTIFIED” operation theatres where we follow all environmental friendly protocols and contribute to save our planet from greenhouse effect.

The Marengo CIMS Hospital Anaesthesia team is a critical clinical discipline that is involved in providing anaesthesia services to patients in every department of the hospital. The team covers a range of specialties, including Solid Organ Transplant Anaesthesia, Cardio-thoracic & Vascular Anaesthesia, Neuro-anaesthesia, Onco-anaesthesia, Orthopaedic and Trauma, Obstetric & Gynaec, Paediatric Anaesthesia, Hepato-biliary Anaesthesia, Obesity & GI Anaesthesia, Urology-anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Acute & Chronic Pain Management.

Each member of the Anaesthesia team is organized into super-specialty sub-groups, and they work in close coordination with other medical disciplines to provide the best possible care to patients. For example, the Solid Organ Transplant Anaesthesia team is responsible for providing anaesthesia services to patients undergoing heart, lung, liver, kidney, and other organ transplants.

Anaesthesia is a reversible loss of sensation with or without loss of consciousness, and it is used to facilitate surgical or medical interventions without causing pain and suffering to the patient. There are three main types of anaesthetic techniques: Local Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia, and General Anaesthesia.

Local Anaesthesia involves making only a small portion of the body numb that is involved in the procedure, and the patient remains awake and alert. This technique is commonly used for minor surgeries or procedures that do not require the patient to be unconscious.

Regional Anaesthesia involves making an area of the body, such as an arm, limb, or lower half of the body, numb depending on the type of surgical intervention. The patient may or may not be sedated during this procedure.

General Anaesthesia involves making the patient unconscious and immobile during the surgery, and they will not be aware of the procedure. This technique is used for major surgeries or procedures that require the patient to be completely unconscious.

The Anaesthesia team at Marengo CIMS Hospital is an essential part of the hospital’s medical staff and plays a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services to patients. They work tirelessly to ensure that patients are comfortable and safe during surgical procedures or other medical interventions, and they are trained to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations.


Chintan Parekh

Position: Anaesthetist
Phone: +91 9979006885
Email: chintan.parekh@cims.org

MBBS, MD Anesthesiology

Chintan Parekh


MBBS, MD Anesthesiology

Chintan Sheth

Position: Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist
Phone: +91 9173204454
Email: chintan.sheth@marengoasia.com

Dr Chintan Sheth
Cardiac Surgery
Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Critical Specialist

Experience :

• More than 10 years


• Cardiac and Heart Transplant Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Specialist

Overview :

• Expert in pre op optimization and perioperative management of Cardiac surgeries from new born to geriatrics, Expert in Cardiac Critical Care

• Special interest in Heart Transplant and Heart Failure Management

Special interest in creating awareness about deceased organ donation

• Well versed with various Mechanical Circulatory Supports like ECMO, IABP

• Expert in Transesophageal as well as trans thoracic Echocardiography

Procedure & Treatment

• Cardiac Anesthesia and Critical Care

• Invasive line insertion and monitoring

• Advanced hemodynamic monitoring.



• Post operative pain management

Areas of Expertise

• Adult and Paediatric cardiac anesthesia

• Anesthesia and management of Heart Transplant patients

• Management of heart failure patients Cardiac Critical Care

• TEE-Transesophageal Echocardiography

• Mechanical Circulatory Support – IABP, ECMO, LVAD

Anesthesia for various Device closures (ASD, VSD, PDA) and various high risk Cathlab procedures.

• High risk non cardiac procedures in patients with cardiac diseases

Awards & Accolades

• Gold Medal in TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiography) by IACTА

• Fellowship in cardiac Anesthesia at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore

Mobile : +91 9173204454

Email : chintan.sheth@marengoasia.com

Chintan Sheth

Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist

Dr Chintan Sheth Cardiac Surgery Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Critical Specialist...

Dipak Desai

Anaesthetist & Pain Physician

Dipak Desai

Anaesthetist & Pain Physician MBBS, DA, MD Anaesthesiology

Hiren Dholakia

Position: Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist
Phone: +91 9586375818
Email: hiren.dholakia@marengoasia.com

Dr. Hiren Dholakia
Cardiac Surgery
MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology)
Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist

Education :

  • MBBS, August 1993 to March 1998, Baroda Medical College, Gujarat
  • MD (Anaesthesiology) , April 1999 to July 2002, Baroda Medical College, Gujarat
  • PDCC – Post doctoral fellowship in Cardiovascular and Neuro Anaesthesia, Jan 2003 to Dec 2003, Shree Chitra Institute, Trivendrum

Experience :

  • Working as a consultant cardiac anaesthesiologist at MCIMS Hospital from  August 2009 till date.
  • Worked as a consultant cardiac anaesthesiologist at Global Health Private Limited (Dr. Naresh.Trehan’s Medicity) from June 2007 to July 2009
  • Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, Designation: 2nd year Attending from August 2004 to May 2007
  • Worked as a center in-charge for Baroda center from Nov 2005 to Aug 2006.
  • Conducted all types of cardiac surgery cases, Adult and Paediatrics both.
  • Attending Anaesthesiologist, Asian Heart institute – Mumbai, Feb 2004 to Aug 2004.
  • Assistant professor in general anaesthesia, Amrita institute, Kochi,  Sep 2002 to Dec 2002

Expertise :

  • Capable of managing Adult Cardiac cases (Off pump and on pump  Coronary artery bypass grafting, Valve surgeries) as well as Paediatrics and Thoracic Surgery also
  • Trained for managing minimally invasive cardiac surgeries (CABG, MVR / AVR and ASD Closure) robotics surgeries and port access surgeries.

Mobile : +91 9586375818

Email : hiren.dholakia@marengoasia.com

Hiren Dholakia

Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist

Dr. Hiren Dholakia Cardiac Surgery MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology) Consultant Cardiac...

Mayankkumar Patel

Position: Anaesthetist
Phone: +91 9825556048
Email: mayankd.patel@cims.org



Mayankkumar Patel


DA Anaesthesiology

Best doctor in Ahmedabad

Niren Bhavsar

Position: Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist
Phone: +91 9879571917
Email: niren.bhavsar@cims.org

MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Cardiac Anaesthesiology Cardiac Surgery

Niren Bhavsar

Cardiothoracic-Anaesthetist & Intensivist

MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Cardiac Anaesthesiology Cardiac Surgery

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