CIMS Advanced Clinical Fellowship: MBBS / MD

CIMS Advanced Clinical Fellowship: MBBS / MD

Programme Description

CIMS Medical Surgical Work Experience Programme is a 4 to 12 weeks module that provides a broad-based learning experience in all aspects of medicine and surgical care for MBBS / MD. Trainee Doctors receive high-quality education in patient evaluation, supervised learning in technical performance of simple and complex interventional procedures and post-procedural management as well as opportunities for clinical research and audit.

Eligibility : Post MBBS registered with Gujarat Medical Council

Course Duration

4/ 8/12 weeks training

Duty hours Minimum 4 hours /day

Rotational duty tailored as per requirement

Programme Fees

  • For twelve weeks : Rs. 40,000
  • For eight weeks : Rs.25,000
  • For four weeks : Rs.15,000

Instructions for Course Applicants.