My Mom Mrs. Pratima Dutta, was suffering from severe pain in and around the shoulder area, for almost 7 months. We had run numerous medical tests and consulted various doctors and specialists in Chandigarh and Udaipur, but to no avail. All of them diagnosed her with frozen shoulder or tissue tear, assuring us that it was normal and will gradually get better with exercise. But on the contrary, things kept deteriorating. Then, a very close friend of mine referred us to Dr. Parth Parekh (Orthopedic Surgeon , CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad), and I clearly remember the five minutes of consultation and conversation with him brought us a sense of trust and hope, which was long lost otherwise. It took him around 20 minutes to give a preliminary diagnosis, and another few tests to confirm that. Though skeptical because of the previous experiences and over past 7 months of ordeal, we still felt we should go with his advice. And we did. My Mom was operated on the 2nd week of December, and its barely been a month, but the pain has subsided to a significant level, most of her hand movements are gradually coming back, and the best part is, that we see her happy and chirpy again. My hearty thanks to Dr. Parth Parekh and his entire team for an excellent job and very successful surgery, and Dr Prashant Deshmukh (COO CIMS) for being so humble and taking such good care of us that we felt at home. It was truly unlike the hospital experiences that one would usually have where people are ripping you off. I shall always wish well for you all. Thank you.