Hi to anyone reading this review. I’m a foreigner, from UK. Out of nowhere I had a heart attack and rushed into a local clinic who immediately within minutes called a state of the art ambulance and took me to CIMS, hospital in Ahmedabad,everything was ready on arrival and straight in operating room to see to my condition. The doctor ,DR .TEJAS.V.PATEL a well known and famous for cardiologist treated me with his team. I cannot for the life in me thank him and his team of staff who never left my bedside for one second. It’s one efficient hospital where nurses and doctors never leave you , I would most certainly choose this should anything ever happen again, which I hope will not. Once again I sincerely thank from the bottom of my heart to DR. TEJAS V PATEL AND HIS FULL TEAM for his quick decision and making me better within 48 hours. I deeply & sincerely wish you & your team success in your endeavours. Asha Tulsidas