My Father was diagnosed with a tumor in Colon and Rectum Area during his first level diagnosis done by Dr. Ketu Parekh by performing colonoscopy and was concluded that a surgery will be required to remove the same and he recommended us Dr. Manish Gandhi for the surgery.

I was rest assured that we are in the safe hands, and everything will be perfect.

Dr. Manish Gandhi is flawless and superlative in his profession. Very gentle, supportive and makes you understand the overall diagnosis and further procedure for the surgery. He suggested Laparoscopy method to perform the surgery, there was no discomfort to the patient during the surgery time and further care was taken by support staff, which eventually made the recovery of my father faster and painless post-surgery.

I would recommend Dr. Manish Gandhi to sough for any advice and opinions in this area because of his vast experience, accurate diagnosis and the treatment he gives to the patient. He also acts as a superb stress reliever to relatives.