I had a very chronic muscular (Hamstrings and Glutial maximus) pain. My friend (Dr. Hiren Dholakia) referred me to Dr. Deep Parikh , the Physiotherapist at CIMS ,Science City Road, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Deep Parikh attended to me. After a thorough examination, he concluded that I didn’t have any disc problem. I needed to strengthen the musceles of the lower back, Glutial and hamstrings.

A two-weeks daily (six days a week) one hour regimen of exercises along with electro-therapy was given by Dr. Deep, with proper explanations and active support and supervision. He also taught me to be self sufficient later on to do the exercises on my own at home.

I benefited immensely and gained a great self confidence and lot of pain reduction to the extent of no pain.

Excellent Hospital, Neat and clean. The attitude of the doctors and staff is very amicable and professional. It can compare with any advance hospital of the USA , where I have been for ten years as a visitor/patient. Keep it up Dr. Deep and CIMS.