Loose belly fat the right way

“Eat this pill , you will lose 4 kilos in a week!!” , this is the typical advertisement that you see on the internet. Well the truth is that there are NO MAGIC TABLETS OR FOODS that makes you lose weight. This is the reason why most articles which talk about diets state that the foods they mention AID in weight loss without giving guarantees.

Thus, the truth is that effective weight loss comes with a combination of factors -Diet, Exercise and Wellness. 

That being said, belly fat is something you CANNOT target specifically to remove. And this is because  fat is constantly being circulated, stored and burned in our bodies. This allows for the body to maintain its current state. On a larger scale,  you can say that the fat deposits that appear first when gaining weight are last to go when losing weight.

And since every human being is different, we cannot pinpoint an exact method to remove your belly fat.

However, what we can do is give a few tips about how to help accelerate your belly fat loss.


Eat Every 2-4 Hours and Be Sure To Eat 5-7 Small Meals Daily

Eating smaller meals more frequently helps boost your metabolism. This creates a thermogenic effect inside the body.

By creating an even balance of protein, green vegetables, carbohydrate sources and fat, the constant thermogenic effect will allow you to burn fat 24/7

Eat Breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day. This will give your metabolism a daily kick start and keep you on track all day.

Don’t Buy Foods That Are Tempting

Keep foods like cookies, chips, pizzas, and more out of the house. 

Drink At Least 2-4 litres Of Water Daily

Drinking water is essential for optimal health. 

Water helps prime the body for fat loss, as well as flush out harmful toxins.

 Stay Away From Sugar-Free Foods

Many of these foods have tons of calories and artificial ingredients. Use natural sweeteners like jaggery or honey  instead.


Avoid All Processed and Refined Foods, even For Cheat Meals

Be extra careful to avoid white flour pasta, white bread, white sugar, and white rice. They are very high in calorific value and don’t aid in weight loss in any way.

When Doing Cardio, Stick To High-Intensity, Short-Duration Interval Training

Skip the long boring 60 minute cardio sessions on the treadmill and trim that down into 15-20 minutes of high intensity running.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

If you wish to remain healthy, you cannot understate the importance of dietary fiber. Fiber improves digestion, supports already healthy cholesterol levels and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

If you are trying to keep calories low and lose weight, eating enough fiber is very important. Good sources of fiber include, but are not limited to: apples, pears, raspberries, broccoli, spinach, kidney beans, and almonds. Eat between 20-25 grams of fiber daily.