For incisional/ventral hernia laparoscopic repair has great advantages. It can prevent large incisions and extensive dissection just below the skin that is required in open repair. In open repair tubes need to be placed in the abdominal wall to remove the blood and serum, which may be kept for a week or more. With open repair there is a significant rate of wound infection and mesh infection. These complications are minimized to a great extent in laparoscopic repair. Overall time to recovery and pain after surgery is also significantly decreased with laparoscopic method.

For inguinal hernia, laparoscopic hernia repair has some benefit in regards to post- operative recovery and pain. The rate of chronic pain problem after surgery is less with laparoscopic hernia repair than open repair. Also there are some hernias that are better operated by open method, while for hernia on both sides it is better to be operated laparoscopically as both sides can be repaired through the same incisions/holes. In case of patients having recurrent hernia after open surgery, laparoscopic repair is advantageous and preferable.