Birthing Centre

Birthing Centre

Woman’s life is considered to be complete with the birth of a baby. Expecting or planning for a baby can be a wonderful time for the family. Whether you are welcoming your first baby or your third, we know childbirth is a significant milestone for you, your baby and your loved ones. We know every woman’s childbirth is different. Our expert team is prepared day and night to handle all situations – from overseeing normal deliveries to managing high-risk or even emergency situations.

We also provide care in Medical & Surgical Termination of Pregnancy, including Management of Miscarriage and Fetal Anomaly.

Our patients have ready access to –

  • preconception consultation
  • Complete obstetric care for single and twin pregnancies from conception through delivery to postpartum care
  • High and low risk deliveries
  • Vaginal deliveries
  • Cesarean deliveries
  • Vaginal birth after prior cesarean delivery (vbac)
  • Genetic counseling
  • Prenatal diagnostic options including comprehensive and targeted ultrasounds, first trimester screening, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and percutaneous umbilical blood sampling, among others.

Our expert specialists have extensive experience in the management of the most complex maternal and fetal disorders. Furthermore, we also provide care to pregnant women with abnormal placentation (previa, accrete, increta, or percreta).

 Choose CIMS for your childbirth experience because we offer: 

  • Specialized obstetrician coverage 24X7
  • Painless labour (epidural analgesia) facilities
  • Team of dedicated experts
  • In-house neonatologists
  • Experts in high-risk pregnancy: Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide comprehensive care and services to women with complicated pregnancies. We manage the full-spectrum of high-risk pregnancies, including care for women who are carrying multiples, who have a history of pregnancy complications (miscarriage, preterm delivery or cervical incompetence) or who have a preexisting medical condition, such as heart disease, lupus or a seizure disorder.


  • Childbirth Classes

We offer childbirth classes on a variety of topics.

Childbirth class topics of discussion include nutrition, normal labour and delivery, breathing and relaxation techniques for labour, pain medications in labour, unexpected outcomes, and postpartum care

  • Parenting Class

Parenting Classes includes

  • CPR for Infant and Child
  • Newborn and Infant Care
  • Breastfeeding