Urology involve disease of kidney, prostate, urinary bladder,ureter and external genitalia, which could be urinary stone, enlarged prostate,stricture urethra(narrowing of urinary passage),cancer and so on…
Uro- oncology is subspeciality of urology that deals with only cancer of urinary syatem.In very 1st stage it hardly give any symptom. Painless Hematuria ( red coloururine) is alarming sign to evaluate for it. KIDNEY CANCER is usually detected by routine sonography check up, and treated by partial or total removal of kidney. Any urological malignancy is not treated by aayurvedic or homeopathic medicine.
In our part of country , stones are very common due to salty water, hot climate, dietary factor, hereditary and genetic factor. The common age group affected is 20-50 years. Sometimes even very large(> 3cm ) stone does not cause any symptom. If untreated , it may lead to recurrent urinary infection , kidney failure or septicemia. The stone involving both kidney or ureter can cause serious life threatening situation. Presently with availability of endo camera and Laser , all stones are treated with endoscopic manner( minimally invasive treatment).

Enlargement of prostate usually starts after the age of 50; it could be benign( simple) or cancerous. Patient has difficulty in passing urine, night time frequency of urination, straining while passing urine, sense of incomplete evacuation, urgency. S. PSA is marker, but it advisable in symptomatic patient. If it is high, prostatic biopsy should be advisable to detect cancer of prostate (in absence of infection). Simple enlargement is usually treated with medicine first. If required, endoscopic treatment with LASER can give good quality of life.