It is not many an often that you find yourself being able to share experiences of hospitalisation, however, my recent one at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad has left some deep impressions on me.

I was admitted on 26.June. 2019 for a bypass scheduled on 28th June 2019. Being a properly scheduled surgery, our family had opportunity to meet with the cardiac surgeon Dr. Dhiren Shah before we decided the dates and we were in for a surprise!; not only were all our queries and anxieties (we did have a rather long list including some quite technical such as whether it would be ‘beating heart’ surgery’?…) very patiently replied, he had a sympathetic tone to the replies.

I do have many doctor friends and it is quite often to be seen that they, and especially surgeons(!), are a tough lot…they really do not have so much time or patience, but my experience has been that both Dr. Dhiren Shah and Dr. Dhaval Naik are approachable at all times and would reply our texts asap. This has a very comforting effect. During the rounds, whether it is at the beginning or end of the day, they would make the atmosphere instantly vibrant and energetic. Dr. Keyur Buch from Orthopaedic department is an old friend and that made a lot of difference because he visited daily and took care of many matters.

I also remember that on second day of surgical ICU, the ICU ward had to be fumigated but we were transferred with remarkable efficiency and minimal stress to patients.

However, what makes me share these words are not only these senior people ( i can always pick up the phone and thank them) – they are there of course, but equally importantly the support staff and teams whom i found really really amazing – whether it is the dietitian, attendants, housekeeping, physiotherapists and nursing staff, i noticed very high level of motivation and commitment, adherence to protocols and punctuality. And this came with a smile and a pleasant nod. Not once did I notice a sense of dissent, or unwillingness, shoddy work, passing the buck or telling the family or patient to ask someone else to do a work. No not once. Nor did I find any support staff working under work related stress – only possible if there are properly defined roles. If you needed something, you could tell anybody and be pretty sure that the right person would take care of it soon. I am sure that they are having a very good ratio wrt to admitted patients.

On Approach, Practices, Equipment & Facility i would rate them 10/10.

There is only one thing that needs to be improved upon – the size of the TV!!! It is way too small and now we are no more used to searching that cricket ball on such a small screen! I am sure this will get upgraded too but of course i am not going to have to get admitted to see that !!

I wish them greater success in setting higher standards in patient care.