My Father in laws was admitted due to positive COVID-19 on May 8th 2020. He was discharged well and healthy in 5 days. In fact hospital wants to discharge him early but I requested Dr. Rashmi and she allow us to keep him in hospital another 2 days. Dr. Rashmi Chovathiya is excellent. She kept her self available even though she was not on duty. Where COVID-19 patients are not able to see anybody. But she was our best direct contact to know about our patient. In fact she literally video shoot our patient and send us to see and make us very comfortable that our patient (relative) is in good hand.

Staff is excellent, we called many time to hospital but from operator to on duty floor staff, they were very co-operative. In cafeteria, they have excellent system that you can directly contact dietitian, which we did and she made necessary changes in my father in law meal and timing.

I and my family wish every body in staff and hospital Good Luck and God Bless you. Specially THANKS TO DR. RASHMI CHOVATHIYA. Good Luck mam. God Bless you.