Ready to Help Change the Way HOSPITALS are Run?

What makes CIMS Hospital one of the best hospitals in India is its ability to accept suggestions on merit and try to transform into a more positive place every single day. We have quality meetings every month and we take patient feedback strongly to improve ourselves to the best of ourselves by making changes through a transformational process. We therefore invite you the public stake holders of CIMS Hospital – whether you were a patient, a relative, or someone who wants to really put in a suggestion to help us improve to one day become the best hospital in India, and perhaps amongst the best hospitals in Asia, and the world.

Though we may not reply to each and every one of your suggestions and feedback, do trust us that we have read your suggestion and will see how can pro-actively begin implementing those changes for you to see during your next health checkup or visit to CIMS. We can not promise to make every change or suggestion possible, but we will try our level best to ensure that we adopt as much as we can into the betterment of the overal functioning and operations at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad. We thank you for investing your time in filling up the suggestion and feedback form and owe you a great deal of thanks for choosing CIMS Hospital and making us your number 1 hospital in Ahmedabad.


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