Kite-flying is addictive. Being on the terrace and flying kites whole day is a part of the culture of the city. However, kite-flying can be dangerous.
• Protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses/goggles while flying or even standing at the terrace. Make sure you have covered up your body well.
• Don’t rush here and there to catch kites. The kite string can be nastily dangerous to your neck. Cover your neck with a polo neck t-shirt of a scarf/dupatta around your neck. Don’t fly kites by standing in narrow spaces or near the terrace borders.
• Take regular water in-take and fruits and routine food; don’t neglect it in joy of kite flying. It will really help you in flying even higher. (I promise!)
• Do not fly kites on road, nor in your gallery on the road site. Your one mistake can take someone’s life. So please be careful and show your awareness.

• Do not try to collect kite from electric poles.
• Take care of flying birds, try not to fly kite around their flying side, your kite thread could kill them immediately.
• In case of birds causality, contact immediately birds doctor. There are many NGOs offering immediate treatments to injured birds. Contact them.