PFT Workshop: Basic To Advanced

PFT Workshop: Basic To Advanced

Course Directors :Dr. Amit Patel / Dr. Nitesh Shah / Dr. Kalpesh Panchal
Date: March 31, 2019 (Sunday)
Duration : 1 day
Number of seats : 50
Venue : CIMS Auditorium

Programme Overview:

To educate Doctors about the importance of Pulmonary Function Testing in Respiratory Diseases, particularly its role in management of Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Interstitial Lung Disease and its role for Pre – operative Pulmonary Assessment.

Programme Highlights:

Lectures on basic PFTs like Spirometry and Advanced PFTs like Lung Volume and Diffusion Capacity. It will include recommendations by ATS / ERS demonstration of manoeuvres and severity assessment based on values. It will also have hands-on session.

Registration Fees:  500/- (Non Refundable)
Spot Registration Fees :1,000/- (Non Refundable)

 Certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the Course