Carry necessary items which protect you from rain:

Do not walk out of your house without an umbrella, raincoat or other rainy gears. It might be possible that there is sun light in the morning but it might not be dry throughout the day.
Eating fried foods: A hot cup of tea with pakora or bhajiyas is a perfect dish for monsoon evening. But this can lead to gastronomical complications and you may suffer from acidity.
Skipping exercise: One of the best excuses during rain is to skip exercise and rest inside the blanket. This makes your body vulnerable to infections and allergies. If hitting the gym is not an option, go for a stroll in the park all covered up, and watch your steps.
Drinking less water: Do not skip drinking enough water during monsoons, humidity might lead to dehydration of your body. One should drink at least 5 liters water per day.
Oversleeping or sleeping less: Due to drop in temperature either we oversleep or sleep less. It can lead to low immunity, indigestion and general fatigue. So make sure you don’t change your sleep routine.
Being careless about personal hygiene: Personal hygiene is not limited to washing your hands, you have to clean your feet too with soap or an antibacterial solution, in case you step into a puddle.
Eating a heavy meal: Eating heavy meals lead to a dip in the metabolic rate giving rise to indigestion, acidity and other gastric problems. So avoid having a lavish dinner at night and keep it simple.
Missing multivitamins: Not everyone needs multivitamins, but in case you are prescribed to take them don’t miss your pills, at least not during monsoons. You will need all those antioxidants to fight the bacterial strains in the atmosphere and stay healthy, especially your B-complex tablets.
Ignoring signs of infection: Conjunctivitis and ear infections are way too common during monsoon both in children and adults. So don’t delay visiting a doctor if you notice the early signs of it.