Ensure you register yourselves for next Sunday’s Healthcare and Apps-Smartphone Programme by the CIMS Learning Center.Some of the most innovative, new topics you have never seen and heard. Our talks will be the first time ever we will share the success of our time management and efficiency at CIMS Hospital team to all of you.

Live demonstration of the APPLE WATCH and its utility and usefulness.

Do you use “TODO”, “EVERNOTE”, INSTAPAPER, LASTPASS, and so on.
If you do not use attend the Program, to learn new APPS, TRICKS,PROGRAMS which make your life wonderfully easy.
Don’t miss this opportunity to make yourself a smarter and more efficient person and learn from the masters.https://www.cims.org/use-of-it-and-electronics-in-healthcare-web-based-practice-of-medicine-certification-course/