Externship / Observership for International Medical Graduates

Externship/Observership Opportunities for International Medical Graduates at CIMS

CIMS Hospitals, Ahmedabad offers opportunities to international medical students for electives,
observership and student / externships. These positions are awarded on case to case basis and are
unpaid. The students and residents seeking externship need to arrange accommodation on their
own. The hospital does not have on campus accommodation facility for such students. We can
offer assistance to search for suitable hotel accommodation in close proximity. Good knowledge
of spoken English is a pre-requisite.
To enable us to process such applications, the applicants are encouraged to apply at least three
months in advance of their starting date. The following documents are required with the

  • Application of the students giving reasons to do Externship and documentary proof
  • Application stating the period of externship and the department in which they intend to
    undergo the same.
  • Recommendation letter from a recognized University/Institute.
  • Copy of the mark-sheet of the last university examination passed
  • Certificate of good character and conduct of the student from the parent
  • An undertaking that the student is prepared to do Externship without any pay, stipend or
    a. That he/she would follow the Externship Programme of CIMS
    b. That he/she would maintain good conduct, discipline and decorum of the hospital
    and the authorities.
  • Scanned copy of passport.
  • Scanned copy of passport size photograph.

Upon completion of the training period subject to satisfactory report from their supervisor, a
certificate of training will be issued. Please note that all these are supervised training
opportunities only.

The hospital will process the application and inform the applicants about their acceptance for the
externship and fees to be paid. All of the requirements must be met in order for the application to
be screened The positions are subject to availability and competitive. The externship will start
upon receipt the fees, which is non-refundable. Upon completion of the training subject to
satisfactory report from the guide/supervisor, a certificate of training will be issued.