Diet & Obesity Clinic

Diet & Obesity Clinic

Diet Clinic
Our diet clinic guides patients about diet.For those not yet affected by Heart disease, we offer preventive advice. For those affected with heart disease the diet clinic is an integral component of medical and surgical treatment.

We work on a result oriented, evidence based & scientific approach to healthy life. Our advice is based on American Dietetic Association Guidelines.

Diet consultation is given for

  • High cholesterol
  • Angioplasty
  • Bypass operation
  • Valve replacement
  • Left ventricular dysfunction
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • High Blood Pressure Kidney diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Obesity
  • Nutrition in children
  • Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Other Services
We also organize Educational camps for diet related disorders. Our programs include education on the following topics:

  • Weight management
  • Diabetes management
  • Healthy heart diets
  • Exercise & Yoga

The Diet Clinic times are:
Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 6.30 pm

Telephone » 9825066664 or 9825066668
We all fondly remember the days when we relished delicious food

Join our Obesity Clinic
Learn the scientific way of losing weight.

The Heart Care Clinic has a dedicated Weight Reduction Unit (Obesity Clinic) based on ADA guidelines. Here the ideal management of patients is decided by many professionals like Doctors, Dietitians and Physiotherapist. Advice given is evidence based and never opinion based. Gradual weight reduction is encouraged. One can reduce weight up-to 3 kgs in one month and more if body responds well naturally, without regaining it back. After achieving ideal weight, counseling is given so that patients can maintain their ideal weight throughout their life. If rapid weight loss of more than 10% occurs without any efforts to reduce weight, please consult your doctor and get yourself checked.

The issue is not of drastic one time weight reduction, but the issue is of gradual and sustainable weight reduction and maintaining the same. While reducing weight please don’t get impatient. Please don’t use shortcuts, Lose weight the ideal way.


Our aim is to reduce weight gradually and maintain it. Most weight reduction clinics promise Instant weight loss.

They achieve this by
Implementing Crash diet
Use of Hunger suppressants
Use of electronic muscle stimulators
We do not promise you instant weight loss but help you reduce weight gradually by changing your faulty lifestyle and dietary habits.
Once you have reduced weight we help you maintain it and enjoy good health in a way which you will be able to continue for a long time.

Why achieve optimum weight?
Optimum body weight helps you,
Look good
Feel good
Increase and maintain your self esteem
Keeps your body active and fresh.

Overweight people are likely to have
High Blood Pressure. This is a major risk factor for both heart disease and stroke.

Very high blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fats). These can also lead to heart disease and are linked to being overweight.

Angina. Being overweight can also contribute to this problem that involves chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart.

Sudden death from heart disease or stroke without any signs or symptom

What happens when you join obesity clilnic?
You can take any one of the following packages:
1 month
2 months
3 months
Each package involves a visit every alternate day for one hour

Individual Anthropometric measurements will be taken (Ht., Wt., BMI, W/H Ratio, MUAC).
Initial physical examination by doctor.
Blood test is included in package
7 days dietary recall will be taken.
15 min. of exercise on first day to make you achieve comfort level.
EXERCISE TYPE : Tread mill, Cycling, Steppers, Weight lifting, Yoga, Aerobics.
All these details will be filed up in a diary or regular file.

Weight will be checked.
Diet plan will be given (calories will be reduced stepwise as per the target weight loss).
Exercise for 15-20 min or as per initial tolerance level.
Individual has to maintain the diet record of whatever he/she is eating.

Further sessions
Will have advanced version of exercise with increase in duration and intensity

Monitoring Of Exercise Capacity
Each person has a different capacity to exercise.

Our approach is to find your capacity to exercise and create a tailor-made schedule which will tire you but not exhaust you, yet help you lose weight.

Your health status will be monitored on the above machines. Depending on your physical health you will be advised appropriate exercise.

After attending our Obesity Clinic you will be capable of exercising on your own and you will be able to maintain your weight.

At the end of Sessions
Biochemical parameters will be repeated. Thus your reports before joining the program and after joining the program will be compared.

Note: All the type of exercises, their duration and diet planning will be tailored made (individualized) as per the requirements of subjects and target weight.

The above schedule is subject to change as things will be individualized.