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Dr. Dhiren Shah Best Cardiac Surgeon in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Dr. Dhiren Shah

Dr. Dhiren Shah

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon


Cardiac Surgery


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Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon. Director, CIMS Hospital. A down to earth doctor, he is a personality who endears himself to his patients with his easy personality and care for his patients. A good surgeon and an equally good human being, Dr. Dhiren Shah’s contribution to the foundation emphasizes his commitment to help the needy. Dr. Dhiren Shah is respectably known as the finest and best cardiac surgeon in India and western India.


Office Address Residence Address Website

CIMS Hospital,

Near Shukan Mall,

Off. Science City Road, Sola.


Gujarat, India

23, Golden Lotus Bunglows,

Behind Sukan Mall,

Science city Road, Sola.


Gujarat, India



Nationality Gender Date of Birth Marital Status Spouse
Indian Male 7th June 1974 Married Hetal Dhiren Shah (Architect)


Personal Details



  • Basically from Gandhidham Kutch Gujarat , son of a Bank Officer Mr Shantilal K Shah.
  • Did schooling from Kutch and Gandhinagar .
  • Married to Hetal. She is Architect by profession.
  • Has 2 daughters. Navyaa Shah and Uditi Shah.


Educational Qualification



  • May 2002 : M.Ch in Cardiovascular & thoracic Surgery (C.V.T.S.) Joined M.Ch (C.V.T.S.) course in May 2000 at G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi (Delhi University) one of the oldest Institute in C.V.T.S. course in INDIA. G.B. Pant Hospital & Medical Institute, New Delhi:- Where over 1200 open-heart cases were done in a year, with wide range of surgeries from infancy to adults were done.
  • December 1999 : M. S. (General Surgery) Joined M.S. (General Surgery) course on 1st February 1997 at Civil Hospital & B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Gujarat University) 1500 bedded Civil Hospital is biggest hospital in INDIA.
    1. Rotational Course in 1) C.V.T.S. 2) Paediatric Surgery 3) Oncosurgery.
    2. Completed the course & obtained Master of Surgery (M.S.) degree in December 1999.


  • 1996 : M.B.B.S. Degree Joined M.B.B.S. course in July 1991 at B.J. Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Gujarat University)Traumatology.


Licensure & Certification



  • 1996 : Gujarat State Medical Council, Ahmedabad, Reg. No. : – G-25593 (M.B.B.S).
  • 2000 : Registration of additional qualification M.S. (General Surgery) G.9370 Gujarat, Medical Council Ahmedabad.
  • 2002 : Registration of additional qualification M.ch (C.V.T.S.) Delhi State Medical Council, New Delhi.
  • 2006 : Mitral Valve Repair certificate course at Alain Carpeintiar Institute Ho Chi Minh city Veitnam.
  • 2008 : Member of heart failure Society of India.


Training for excellence



  1. Trained for Mitral valve repair surgery from Dr Alian Carpaintuer and Dr Van Phan from Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.
  2. Trained for MICS (KEYHOLE) heart surgery from Lepzig heart Centre Germany under Dr Fedrich Mohr.
  3. Trained for Heart Transplant and Artificial Heart implantation for UPMC Pittsburgh USA.
  4. Trained for Aortic Valve replacement by MICS procedure from Mt. Sinai Hospital, Miami Florida USA.
  5. Trained for TAVR in Medtronic international centre Switzerland Europe.


Professional Details



From 2002 working as Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon in Ahmedabad with a very unique group of doctors ( CCC group) which is a group Practice of Cardiac surgeon and Cardiologist, now a Team of 20 doctors . In a year doing around 1000-1200 open heart surgeries , probably highest number in Gujarat , and western India. Was attached with the reputed Hospital of Gujarat like Sterling hospital , SAL hospital , Shalby Hospital.


Since last 5 years came up with one of the most technologically advanced and best Hospital named CARE INTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (CIMS HOSPITAL).
Founder, Director of this First GREEN Hospital of India with the unique blend of medicine and conservation of Mother Nature earth. CIMS hospital is ranked among the best hospital in India in medical care and treatment.


Expertise in Bypass surgery, Heart failure surgery (weak Heart ). Valve replacement and repair surgery.


Has done almost more than 7000 open heart surgeries.
Established the centre of excellence with most advanced technology in the field of Minimally invasive heart Surgery. Pioneer in doing all heart surgery through small cut and without cutting the bone, making recovery of the patient faster and cosmetically superior in young females.


At present leading the team of 5 cardiac surgeons, 3 Cardiac Anasthetist, 3 perfusionists and the whole team of other 6 doctors


Professional Experience



  • September 2002 till date Working as consultant and Director of C.V.T.S with Care Cardiovascular Consultant group Attached with Sterling Hospital and Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad.
  • May 2002 – Aug 2002 Senior Residency at G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi University. Specialized training in Valvular Heart Disease, Congenital Heart Disease & Adult Cardiac Disease.Consultants : – 1) Dr. M. Nigam 2) Dr. A. Banerjee 3) Dr. D. K. Satsangi 4) Dr. S. Dubey 5) Dr. M. Gheelani 6) Dr. V. Grover.
  • February 2000 – April 2000 Senior Resident at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai in C.V.T.S. Dept.Consultants : – 1) Dr. R. Panda 2) Dr. S. Joshi 3) Dr. A. Mehra 4) Dr. Honnikari 5) Dr. Hemant Kumar.
  • January 1997 to January 2000 Residency in General Surgery at B. J. Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad (Gujarat University). Training in à General Surgery Speciality Training in : 1) C. V. T. S. 2) Paediatric Surgery 3) Traumatology 4) Gastrosurgery 5) Oncosurgery 6) Plastic Surgery.
    • Consultants : –
      1. Dr. S. S. Vyas
      2. Dr. G. H. Rathod
      3. Dr. R. R. Patel
      4. Dr. P. K. Dave
      5. Dr. D. D. Patel
      6. Dr. Maniar
      7. Dr. M. Shah
      8. Dr. B. Shah


Work Exposure



  • May 2000 – August 2002 G.B. Pant Hospital & Medical Institute, New Delhi:- Where over 1200 open-heart cases were done in a year, with wide range of surgeries from infancy to adults were done.
  • From September 2002 –June 2009 Working with Care Cardiovascular Consultant Group, Ahmedabad doing more than 1300 surgeries per year.
    • CABG above 3000 cases
      1. Multi arterials using bilateral mammaries & Radi.
      2. Specialization in total arterial surgery.
      3. 80-85% off pump cases.
      4. LV dysfunction cases (EF < 30%) 30-40% cases.
    • Surgical Ventricular Restoration (SVR)/ heart failure surgery
      1. Includes Linear repair, DOR procedure, Septoplasty post MI VSDsà 350 cases.
      2. Pioneer in India in Surgical Ventricular Restoration using Mannequin (chase medical) along with Mitral Valve Repair.
    • Left Ventricular Overlapping for Dilated Cardiomyopathy (OLCVR) for globally dilated cardiomyopathy. About 20 cases done (first time in India) , with good results.
    • Redo CABG
      1. Valvular Surgery : – More than 2000 cases with special interest in mitral Valve repair.
      2. Beating Heart Mitral Valve Replacement.
      3. Redo Valve Replacement.
      4. Mitral Valve Repairs.
      5. RF Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation.
      6. Aortic Root Enlargements.


Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries



Paediatric Patients starting with 2.5 Kg & more


  1. TOF
  2. ASDs
  3. VSDs
  4. PDA
  5. TAPVCS (2 cases)


Vascular Surgery



Has exposure in Aortic Aneurysm Surgery both Thoracic & Abdominal


  1. Aortobifemoral, Femoral popliteal, Popliteal tibial Bypass.
  2. A-V Fistula.
  3. Subclavian Axillary brachial artery interventions.
  4. Carotid Endarterectomy.


Thoracic Surgery



Pneumonectomy, Lobectomy, Decortications etc.


Papers & Publications



  1. Pulsatile flow during cardiopulmonary bypass using intra aortic balloon pump favors cardiac surgery outcome in pregnant woman, Poster presentation at IACTS 2005.
  2. Ventricular overlap- an alternative to heart transplantation: our early experience -paper presentation in IACTS 2005, and JATS 2005.
  3. An atypical presentation of Aneurysm of Sinus of Valsalva (ASV)—Poster Presentation at IACTS 2005.
  4. Surgical ventricular restoration (SVR)- a comprehensive surgical therapy for patients with congestive heart failure—Paper presentation in IACTS 2005 and JATS 2005(Japenese association).
  5. Effect of surgical ventricular restoration on functional status, left ventricular function and Mitral valve regurgitation in Indian patients – an immediate and intermediate term study—Paper presentation at IACTS 2005.
  6. Comparison of Star Edward Valve against other Mechanical valve in Indian scenario—Paper presentation in ISMICS conference 2003.,and also the dissertation topic.
  7. VSD repair in hypertensive pulmonary artery pressure—dissertation topic.
  8. Unusual presentation of ASD device with large la clot on it—Poster presentation in IACTS 2001.
  11. Chordal cutting of AML for Ischaemic Mitral regurgitation —-Case study of 3 cases—–Poster presentation at IACTS 2006.
  12. Should I send my Patient with severe LV dysfunction and Mitral regurgitation for surgery—–Presentation at 3C CON conference 2006 at Ahmedabad.
  13. Coronary artery disease and Heart failure —a dangerous intersection —-lecture at 3C Con conference 2007.
  14. Valve Repair or Replacement –What would you choose for your dear ones ? —- Lecture at 3C Con conference 2008.
  15. Heart failure and Mitral regurgitation – authored a article in Cardiology Today march-April 2007 Vol.IX No.2.
  16. Beneficial effects of carvedilol as a concomitant therapy to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor in patients with ischemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction Volume 85, Number 2, February 2007 ISSN 1205-7541.
  17. Beneficial effect of endoventricular circular patch plasty in patients with left ventricular dysfunction and with left ventricular akinetic and dyskinetic apical segment—– Indian journal of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery 2007-23:16-24.
  19. Volumetric and Functional Changes of Right Ventricle as a Predictor for Outcome after Restoring Size and Shape of Left Ventricle (SVR-surgical ventricular restoration) with CABG in Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)-study of 40 cases—Oral paper presentation in ATCSA 2007.


Co investigator in STITICH TRIAL for LV dysfunction surgery CORONARY Trial FREEDOM Trial ARC Trial –Stem Cell therapy for Ischaemic Dilated cardiomyopathy Transfusion Trial —In collaboration with cleveland clinic.


Research And Related Work



  1. Member of Ethics committee and IRB of SAL Hospital and research Institute.
  2. Member of IRB of VIBGYOR Research Limited.
  3. Co investigator in STICH TRIAL for LV dysfunction surgery CORONARY Trial FREEDOM Trial ARC Trial –Stem Cell therapy for Ischaemic Dilated cardiomyopathy Transfusion Trial —In collaboration with cleveland clinic.


Interest & Activities



  1. Music : – Light & Classical.
  2. Oil Painting.
  3. Reading Philosophical Literature.


Additional Professional Activities



  1. Organizing Medical Camp.
  2. Cardiac Disease preventive Medicine Propagation. Has taken a drive to bring the awareness in society about heart disease and its prevention.
  3. Organizing CME’s for doctors on monthly basis.


Extracurricular Activities



Ex- Treasure of Jain Doctor’s Federation, Ahmedabad.
Jt. Secretary of Jain doctor federation.


Some accomplishments



  1. Pioneer in Key hole (MICS) heart surgery in western India First to do Trans Aortic TAVR valve replacement in INDIA.
  2. First to do Hybrid CABG (Bypass) surgery in India.
  3. Pioneer in developing the SVR procedure in India .
  4. Also Did CABG (Bypass) surgery in 9 year old girl .
  5. Did SVR procedure in a patient from Tazakistan in one of the largest heart (almost 5 times the normal).
  6. Certified for Implanting the artificial Heart (LVAD) for Heart Failure Patients.


Special Area Of Interest



  1. Heart failure surgery
  2. Stem cell implementation
  3. LVADs
  4. Valve repair Surgeries
  5. New technologies




Dr. Dhiren Shah is regarded the foremost expert for cardiac surgical procedures in Gujarat as well as India. With one of the highest success rates across India, he is easily regarded as the best cardiac surgeons in Gujarat and one of the best cardiac surgeons in India. He is known to be the first surgeon in Gujarat to have completed a heart transplant surgery at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad.


Dr. Dhiren Shah Is an executive council member of Indian Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation (INSHLT).


He has played an important role in the development of patient education through by offering healthcare mobile applications for patients through patient guides and informative mobile applications that help patients during pre operative and post operative care and guidance. His mobile application – Cardiac Surgery Patient Guide, has one of the most downloads for any doctor in India. Being one of the only doctors in India that have invested in creating a mobile application focused towards patient healthcare guidance. His mobile application is easily available to download free of cost to everyone in the world. He has been quite clear about the importance of patient’s education and how that they should always be educated properly so that they can take the best decisions.

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CIMS Hospital is a 350-bedded, multi-super speciality and regarded one of the best multi-speciality hospitals of Ahmedabad in Gujarat providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services.

CIMS Hospital has been awarded best hospital for quality in service delivery award at the ABP News presents Healthcare Leadership Awards 2015 held at Mumbai.

CIMS Hospital has been recognized as the Times Health Icon 2018 for being the best Hospital for Oncology and Critical Care. CIMS Hospital also was rated the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi.

CIMS Hospital provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in India and the leading heart hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. CIMS Hospital offers the highest quality services and offers treatment to most diseases and medical problems with one of the highest success rates in India.

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