Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography Scan (128 Slice CT Scan & 16 Slice CT Scan)

During CT scan, several thin x-ray beams are sent simultaneously from different angles. Computer collects the data and generates detailed CT images. CT scan is very good in identifying hemorrhage in brain and also helps in diagnosing other diseases of brain. It can also find tumors and infective lesions throughout t he body. It also helps in characterizing various types of lung disease. CT scan is also useful in identifying internal injuries such as liver , spleen contusion/ laceration etc. CT scan can also be used for guiding biopsy. 3D CT scan is very helpful in evaluation of fractures in different parts of body , e.g. Fracture in pelvic bone, acetabulum.

  • 128 Slice CT SCAN

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the leading causes of the morbidity and mortality in India. There is steep rise in incidence of CAD in last decade in India. Evaluation of Coronary artery disease has always been diagnosed by coronary angiography. Cardiac imaging is a challenge of 21st century and is being answered by 128 slice dual source CT as it has good temporal resolution, high scanning speed as well as low radiation dose. Ordinary computerized X-Rays (16-slice CT) were not as accurate in demonstrating coronary artery problems, because the heart is a moving and beating structure… However today, with the advent of the most advanced form of this imaging, the multi-slice detectors and high powered computer programs called the 128-Slice CT, in around 4 seconds; we can efficiently get information on the coronary anatomical features in as few beats as possible, with 90% accuracy. The 128-Slice CT is now a well known procedure leading to diagnosis of all diseases related to arteries or vessels.

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