Indians are at a higher risk of getting heart disease as compared to people of other nationalities. Hence the ideal cholesterol levels as determined for the British or American people are not ideal for Indians. Indians need more rigid cholesterol values.
The ideal cholesterol values for Indians are as follows:
• If your HDL cholesterol is more than 60 mg/dl it isideal; if it is less than 40 mg/dl, it is dangerous.
• Ideal blood LDL cholesterol level for most Indians should be less than 100 mg/dl.
• If you are at a higher risk of getting heart disease, your doctor may suggest that you maintain your LDL at less than 100 mg/dl, preferably less than 70 mg/dl.
• In case you have Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes or certain other diseases then you should try to maintain your cholesterol below 70 mg/dl.