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पेसमेकर कितना सुरक्षित है?


Laparoscopic or “minimally invasive” surgery is a specialized technique for surgery. Traditionally in “open” surgery, the surgeon uses a single incision to enter into the abdomen whereas Laparoscopic surgery uses several 0.5-1 cm incisions. Each incision is called a “port.” Specific instruments and a special camera known as a “laparoscope” are passed through the ports during the procedure.

The laparoscope transmits images from the abdominal cavity to high-resolution video monitors in the operating room. During the time of the operation, the surgeon watches accurate and full images of the abdomen on the monitor. This surgery is the same as traditional surgery but with smaller incisions.

ટીઆઈએ (ત્રાન્ઝીયંત ઇસ્કેમીક એટેક)


Nerve damage may cause loss of sensation or numbness in the fingertips, making it harder to do things with your hands. Due to this some daily activities like tying your own shoes may turn out difficult.
Many people with nerve damage say that their sense of touch weakens as if they are always wearing gloves.

Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day!

पेसमेकर के रोगी को ध्यान में रखने योग्य बातें


Symptoms of celiac disease can vary from mild to severe. Some people have no symptoms, though they still are developing intestinal damage.

Some common symptoms are as follows:
• Abdominal bloating and pain.
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Pale, foul-smelling stool.

Heart Valves are very Critical for Correct & Proper Blood-Flow through Our Heart & to Our Body!


You may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Often first noticed by the bed partner or a person who observes the patient at rest, the person suffering from OSA fails to recognize its symptoms. However, many people who suffer from OSA have no sleep complaints.
Following are the most common symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea:
• Loud persistent snoring.
• Witnessed pauses in breathing.
• Choking or gasping for air.
• Restless sleep
• Frequent visits to the bathroom at night.
• Early morning headache.
• Dry mouth or sour throat upon awakening.
• Daytime sleepiness
• Poor concentration
• Irritability
• Falling asleep during routine activities.

Treatment Plan for the Spinal Fractures

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CIMS GlobL Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018

October 30, 2018
CIMS Family is honoured to be the recipient of “Among Best Hospital (Cardiology & Oncology) in Gujarat” on October 27, 2018 at the “Prime Time Global Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018”, New Delhi. A very special thanks to our CIMS Staff for their commitment and the patients who have always trusted us. CIMS GlobL Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018

CIMS Hospital has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat

August 31, 2018
We proudly announce that CIMS Hospital has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi. The Award is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the entire CIMS Family which has inspired trust in us leading to rising patient volumes.

Renal Transplant (CIMS/RIC/2018/09) on 15/05/2018

May 15, 2018
Renal Transplant is done on 15/05/2018, which was approved by Hospital based Ethical committee and Government Authorization committee. Relationship between Donor and Recipient : Wife - Husband

CIMS Heart Transplant Team completes another successful Heart Transplant on 06-02-2018, 5th row in a short term.

February 8, 2018