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Problems Related to Chest

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Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the muscle tissue of the uterus. They range in number and size from a single growth to multiple growths, and from very small to large. As many as 70% to 80% of all women will have fibroids by age 50. The medical term for fibroids is leiomyoma or myoma.
Fibroids may cause very mild symptoms or none at all. In women who do feel symptoms, these uterine growths can cause:
• Pressure on the bladder or rectum
• Frequent urination
• Constipation and/or rectal pain
• Lower back and/or abdominal pain
If fibroids become very large, they can distend the stomach, making a woman look pregnant.

Acute Bronchitis: How Long Does It Last?

Acute bronchitis often develops three to four days after a cold or the flu. It may start with a dry cough, then after a few days the coughing spells may bring up mucus. Most people get over an acute bout of bronchitis in two to three weeks, although the cough can sometimes hang on for four weeks or more. If you’re in otherwise good health, your lungs will return to normal after you’ve recovered from the initial infection.

Diagnosis of Sciatica

डिजिटालिस किस प्रकार काम करता है?

Infection control program at CIMS Hospital

6 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Weakness in Your Arms and Legs
it can be a sign of a stroke, especially if it’s on one side of your body. You could also be having a stroke if you can’t keep your balance, feel dizzy, or have trouble walking.
Get help quickly if you suddenly can’t see well, get a bad headache, feel confused, or have problems speaking or understanding.
2. Chest Pain
When it comes to chest pain, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Any chest pain, especially accompanied by sweating, pressure, shortness of breath, or nausea, requires medical attention right away.
3. Tenderness and Pain in the Back of Your Lower Leg
This can be a symptom of a blood clot in your leg called deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. This can result due to a long plane ride, been in a sitting position for long or bed-ridden for a long time. If it’s a blood clot, you may feel the pain mostly when you stand or walk. You may also notice swelling.
4. Blood in Your Urine
Blood in the urine and pain in your side or in your back may indicate kidney stones or a severe bladder or kidney
5. Wheezing
If you’re wheezing, or hear a whistling sound when you breathe, see your doctor.
This may indicate asthma, a lung disease, a severe allergy, or exposure to chemicals. Wheezing can also be caused by pneumonia or bronchitis.
6. Suicidal Thoughts
If you feel hopeless or trapped, or think you have no reason to live, get help. Talking to a professional can help you make it through a crisis.

Problems Related to Chest

Complex Arrhythmia 3D Mapping and Ablation Workshop April 2015

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CIMS GlobL Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018

October 30, 2018
CIMS Family is honoured to be the recipient of “Among Best Hospital (Cardiology & Oncology) in Gujarat” on October 27, 2018 at the “Prime Time Global Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018”, New Delhi. A very special thanks to our CIMS Staff for their commitment and the patients who have always trusted us. CIMS GlobL Healthcare Excellence Awards 2018

CIMS Hospital has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat

August 31, 2018
We proudly announce that CIMS Hospital has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018 held in Delhi. The Award is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the entire CIMS Family which has inspired trust in us leading to rising patient volumes.

Renal Transplant (CIMS/RIC/2018/09) on 15/05/2018

May 15, 2018
Renal Transplant is done on 15/05/2018, which was approved by Hospital based Ethical committee and Government Authorization committee. Relationship between Donor and Recipient : Wife - Husband

CIMS Heart Transplant Team completes another successful Heart Transplant on 06-02-2018, 5th row in a short term.

February 8, 2018